My Evening of Canada Day 150th

After spending a really lazy day, so lazy in fact, that I opted to skip the annual big day at Heritage Park, and instead, catch up on sleep, that I was hoping to catch something at least on the Internet.  And, on Twitter, I found this.

When it started about 1/2 hour later, I was shocked and surprised — anyways (that it started).  Now I’m watching it as I compose this national scope blog — not quite really local NewZ, but at least, I’m documenting something that I’m doing, and in this sense, it’s about my local experience of watching (and creating my) NewZ (news).

Although I am tempted to include screen shots, it’s best that I refrain, owing that the photographs are owned and managed by CBC.  Perhaps, later, I will include them, (with permission of course) but for now, it’s enough to just write about them.  (I’m trusting that if this show is available as a recording, that you might check it out if you are curious.)

I was about to start listing the musicians and performances shown, and then I thought, nah — it would be better to give you my overall impressions of the broadcast.  And then, I thought, why am I so formal?

The quality of the LIVE broadcast was extremely good, through my High Speed Internet service from Shaw in Calgary Alberta.  A few times, the buffering of the video was hardly there, and the sound was very good with hardly any glitches.  Well done, for an excellent job!

I’m going to end this blog here, and perhaps, continue this thread of writing perhaps on another one of my blogs,  on my site — joy of LIVE performances.  And the short link is: that you may visit to read, enjoy, and share.

Until then, please enjoy viewing the fireworks screen shots !! (I believe that they are probably not copyrighted (or at least generic enough to allow fair usage of the pictures, courtesy of CBC), and so please enjoy my attempts of using the Snipping Tool in Windows 7, of streaming Video (which was rather slow and awkward, but hey, it worked)).


About Lowell Aaron Court

He's just this guy, you know!! (Apologies to the late Douglas Adams, who used this quote to describe Zaphod Beeblebrox (Z.B.)-- pithy but nice for now.) It's also very curious that although I deleted my Google profile, that WordPress remembered it and brought my precious face (circa 2008) and former website link (now removed) to life. How often the cyber-space of complicated web systems (aka the Internet) "'continue(s) to' confound or rather 'surprise and amaze as always'" said Humma Kavula to Z.B..
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